Session 17

Time past: 2 days

The Session began with the Angel Anachiel swearing to head to Mt Daye to join Barchiel in preserving the bubble. After a few short goodbye’s to Quinn the party headed north as advised by Anachiel, Quinn to the east. Quinn only looked back for a moment to see Natalia, who smile and winked at the Paragon.

The first day’s going was rough and the party soon found out that they were short on food. Azel was able to rustle up a bit of rough tubers that were filling but not good. The next morning Alandra and Natalia headed out to scout ahead with her in dragon form. The two came across a Ciatore eating one of the Oniglio. Alandra roared, scaring the Ciatore off before grabbing the Oniglio and bringing it back to camp. The rest of the Order of The Dawn refused to eat a sentient creature leaving the whole thing to Alandra who happily consumed the Rabbit.

The next day the party located a small mill where a Oniglio came out and spoke with them in Gnomish. Naturally it upset dogface that he only had Sir Stills to talk with but the party moved right along. They learned that the Oniglio worshiped Maelriel and viewed him as a large wingged rabbit with blue fur. They also learned of a church to him in town and headed down to see it. The church itself with a Casino which the high priest claimed the angel was not real. Not giving up the party asked around and found that the Ciatore may know more and that there was a city of them to the east. and so the party left Cena in search of the Ciatore.



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