Prepareing for War

Session 54

Days Past – 2

With Sir Stills gone and no sign of the new angel, the party went back to their normal routines around Bend Point. Alandra went to fusing spirits into her soul tree, Azel to he sanctury for some Griffin training, Sir Trog to his Roc maintance, and Douglas to some much need “Alone time”. During this downtime the active champions of Barchiel discussed thier next course of actions which seemed to be informing the higher up leaders of Mino-Cross of the coming war, Firewell seemed to be their next stepping point.

The meeting however was interupted as Sir Lightfoot sounded the horns informing the order of a carvan coming toward the town. Azel transformed into an eagle and scouted the area, noting the people’s strange behavior and the illusion magic they were surrounded by. The group went to Sir Stills Inn and stayed where it was revealed that the illusions were from Penn as a way of protecting himself from Morgan who he revealed was hiding in Bendpoint. Penn explained that He and likely Morgan had been called here by Suriel in a glorious vision and let the group know he would legend lore the new angel. Not soon After Morgan arrived and began making demands, however the party was ok with them as Morgan agreed to make them all Spell resistance pendants.

the magic users of the group went to assisting him and worked hard throughout the night finishing the base for one in one nights work. They were all awoken once again to the loud sound of trumpets to announce another caravan, The Eggshaper had arrived with a similar story to Penn and Morgan as well as requesting land for two incoming Dragons. The party agreed and also snapped Marcos Out of his stupper who while confused, immediately got to work. After another day the usall the group went back to work attempting to finish more SR pendants and planning to go out adventuring.



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