Platypus returns!

Session 42

Days past – 3
The party began the session in O’neal….

While Alandra was getting her soul returned, Sir Stills decided to commune with Barchiel. Azel found a spot outside of O’neal, build a commune pit, and the two took black Serum to commune.

They were granted a vision of Platypus slaughtering elves while leaves poured from the skies around her. They snapped out of the vision and met with the rest of the party,Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane was lost during this time. With that they were off to Bend Point.

Douglass Left to speak with Fabian about Nova. During this time Trog and Azel went to Sactuary to make a nest for his Roc Egg. While there, Azel revealed the vision and the two scryed to Platypus and found she was in Fireseed. While this was going on Alandra went back to Lavion and was made a temporary Inquisitor. There she got her wings returned and was back to Bendpoint.

The Party then immediately rushed to Fireseed to meet with Tonya. Pop was then captured and Tonya was dumbfounded that someone could so easily make there way into her ranks. They then scryed her again and found Platypus was in bendpoint under there keep waiting for them. Rushing home, the group went down the well and encounter her again. The group fought long and hard, finally in the end Trog ran her through and Alandra attempted to steal her soul. She was Successful but damaged her wand badly. As then walked climbed back up to the top of the well, A loud boom was heard as the continent shook, over head the sky cracked and there was a moment of panic. Burnman was aware of the party….



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