Order of the shield attacks!

Session 57

Out Heroes began the session engaged in Combat with Sir Mccoy, Sir Trogs former mentor who was now clearly under a demonic posession. The Former Knight Attacked Firecely and was able to sucessfully pocess Trog and at one point Douglass. After defeating him, more member of the Order of the Shield Poured in, All Pocessed. They Hit Trog Multiple times each landing another Spike inside of him.

In a moment of choas Trog Teleported back to bendpoint but was then taken over. Rushing to the scene the other members of the Dawn were able to stop the knights rampage but not before the slaying of one of the cities carpenters.

After taking Trog to Alandra’s medow, The group called Penn to trace the bones orgins. Penn then left so that Morgan and Marcos might come in to assist them. Morgan Dispelled the Pocession, while Marcos informed them that He could sommon this beast so that the Dawn could destroy it.

With the crisis Handle, Alandra and Azel entered the guild hall to speak with Sir Stills to discover him speaking with two very attractive males. Taking an interest in them the two woman proceed to flirt relentlessly. Alandra was able to identify the two as the Dragon Allies Brought to the Order as new found allies in the upcoming war.

Lane also announced that the carpenters family would be well Compensated and that the order would be paying for his ressurrection and that this would be coming from Sir Trogs pay. In Addition Sir Trog was to be held in the stocks until his Trial.



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