Nobles. Assassinations, and Kobold

Session 7

The party had just been knighted by Lord Wrieth and were made to mingle. Each party member took a different noble family to speak with, none making much head way. It became apparent that the nobles, spare a few, wanted little to nothing to do with The Order of The Dawn.

  • O’neals were kind to the Knights.
  • Firewells came off as arogant and had nothing but bitter things to say about the party
  • Whitepiers were offended the the “poor country knights” were even talking with them.
  • Mctiers had an evil pressence about them. The Party Saw that they had undead features attached to them
  • Yellowgems were intimidated adn the party stayed away from them.

During the party after drinking wine, Lord Wrieth began to feel sick and fell over poisoned. After rounding everyone up the party managed to have Tabit scry the cup gaving a list of the races that last touch it.



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