Khalia's Asssualt on O'neal

Session 27

The session began with the party walking north toward Bendpoint, Peter Refused to Teleport them. Along the way, a Hawk landed and delivered a letter to Natalia from Quinn inwhich he stated it was he who lead the Mctires into battle. Before long the Order of the Dawn, quickly caught up with the Army that was moving toward O’neal and decided to take an extended route around the army to beat them to the fortress.

Azel, Polymorphed into an eagle and flew ahead to O’neal. While flying over the Undead Army, She noticed that they were flying the banners of Bendpoint and claiming to be refugee’s, she also noticed a divine aura coming from on of them. Once in Oneal, Lady Azel gave her letter to one of the Keep’s guards and Screech out a creepy Omen to the guard. He then ran to the closest ranking officer which Azel noticed was Quinn.

While this was happening, the party was forced to move by Nezira and the Kobold definately took notice. During Alandra’s watch a team of 4 Kobold in nice armor came out to the order and greet Alandra. While they only spoke Draconic, Alandra was able to communicate with them and in the end they did not feel too threatened. After another few hours, an old sage that the order reconized. It was The Egg Shaper. He greeted the new leader of the order of the Dawn making a few jokes about his time in captivity before offering a few men to contribute to thier fight. The order excepted them and continued on thier way.

After arriving in O’neal, the party had several stops to make including going to see Sarloth. Sarloth explained that his bone, and Lord O’neal’s were both decoys and he did not know who had replaced them. He also sold Alandra another bad of holding, and after being asked let alandra know that he could bind her soul for her…. If he could keep it until she needed it.

Douglass went off to express the order’s thanks to the Mctire‘s. While there he asked them to once again perform Necromancy. They told him they did not wish to dive into the dark arts once again and begged him not to ask again. Despite this moment, the whole meeting went very well and the McTires did not seem upset by these this turn of events. They were incredibly kind and did not mention that 2/3’s of thier men had been slain.

Battle plans with the highhillers seemed almosted pointless as Jason Approached the upcoming battle with words of Glee. “This battle will be 30 minutes tops and afterwards We’ll all feast and crack a fresh keg”. When mentioning to Jason that The Jewel of the Gods, Jason remarked that it was an illegally build moment on O’neal Land and that his brother Sean had destroyed it. regardless of his confidence Jason still had 2,000+ soldier geared and ready to go.

The Plan was as followed: Mages on the wall, All soldiers on the ground. Straight forward. Jason would go out to greet the refugee’s give the signal, and then the order would attack. Things were all going according to plan until, The Divine Aura showed itself to be a Paladin of Khalia. No moment’s she crushed the army and summoned a massive earth elemental in the process. riding ontop of the beast she set her sites on O’neal but was greeted by the steel of both Jason and the order of the Dawn. From overhead, Douglass, Alandra, and Azel bombarded the paladin and elemental as the Kobold scattered at the elementals feet, allowing for complete flanking. In time the Elemental was defeated and When trying to escape, The ram decapitated the Paladin of Khalia.

In a suprise turn of events, Trog put aside his hatred and was one of the only guild members to assisted the Kobold with thier wounded and in burrying their dead. The others were lead by Jason to the meat all where thy began feasting on Boar and listening to Jason’s warstories…. Despite them all being there. Alandra mentioned to The Ram that the liche had regenated and so the Ram sliced her bad of holding which dropped Armol Liviwhich out who insteadly attacked the party. He was quickly dispatched by not before striking Douglass really really hard.

It was shortly after this that Lord O’neal watched in to grab some food when Douglass offended him. Speaking to the already frustrated Lord as though they were close friends, Douglass called him Fred ignoring his obvious noble title. Fred’s only response, What did you call me…. Who let the orc in? Not moments later, Alandra chose to tell Lane that his goddess was enslaved. Lane placed the ring on his finger but saw nothing other then a Sleeping Burnman and a Very Angry Fred walking back into the Mead Hall. After an arguement over ownership of the ring, Alandra gave it Lord O’neal after telling him to Fuck off and leaving…. Fred kicked everyone out including Lane who returned hoping to get more information over Sabriel’s Fate.

From there, Peter explained that the Angels wished to speak with the Order. Addionally it was revealed that the Green Stone of Power was on the mainland. Lane too wished to go to the mainland to find the out truth of Sabriel. With that decision, the party geared up to visit the angels….



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