Session 26

Time Past – 1 day

As the party entered into the library, Natalia was able to indicate that the room was set to self destruct if the wrong book was pulled. Luckily Natalia Identified the troubled locations and then party was safe to browse the books laying around.

On the table was opened books for both a Cryomatic Bomb and another book over an indestructable phalactry. They also discovered a quick escape trap door. Heading back to the unopened door, the party could hear a distinct chanting from behind it. Alandra identified the spell as the ritual for the phalactry. Dogface, attempted to break the door but was only successful in weaking it. From here Alandra phazed through the door and then Trog Broke it down. Inside there were several human mages around the now formed lich chanting. Combat broke out and unfornutely, both the Ram and Trog were inside the arcane circle when the invicibility ritual went off. The Liche was quickly dispatched by a stunning smite on Sir Stills part. This left the party in pocession of the Liche’s indestructable phalactry.

On the ride back to Bend Point it was noted that both Content Not Found: trog-b-sebane and the Ram’s eyes had the light glow to them though AN indepth investigation was impossible while on the road. Upon returninging to Bend point, the order had found that the town was destroyed and there had been a massive battle at the spot. While none of the corpses the party was familiar with, all had MacTire markings. The party was able to locating tracks leading to O’neal, but felt it proper to give the corpses a proper sending. While doing this, Alandra noticed that ontop the hawk roost sat a man writing. After confronting him, the man revealed himself to be Pen Wright, the same person orginally giving them Ferromosis’s skull. Penn also explained that he wa a simple Anthopologist, there to record the battle at bend point and be on his way. Before leaving he did however give them a warning about new Archmage of the Mage’s guild, Morgan Willows. With his warning, the party traveled north toward O’neal….



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