Dragons and MindFlayers #18 + #19

The group found themselves entering the Underdark through a long underground tunnel leading. After following the tunnel for several miles, the group came to a massive fortress with Old Mino banners all over it.

Upon exploring the keep for a bit, the party found corpses that were 100s of years old. All with their skulls cracked out. A diary from one fallen soldier indicated that the fortress had been taken over my monsters that no one else could see. It indicated that they would have everyone acting normal and going about their day as the monsters slowly ate their brains.

The party eventually made it the world room and Seron was able to duplicate one of the maps of the area of the Underdark the party was in. At this time they were suddenly attacked by an Umber Hulk and it’s kinfolk!

After defeating that creature, the party continued onward heading towards one of the strange markings on the map. Soon the party found themselves with only the light of glowing crystals overhead to navigate by. After encountering a number of aggressive creatures, the party eventually began seeing glowing green stones on the ground. After deciding to steal one of the larger crystals growing from the earth, the party was attacked by a large emerald dragon. The Dragon stated that he was the prince of this land and began attempting to kill Danica and Seron. He failed.

Deciding that it was best for them to not continue (Fearing they would meet the mom) Danica and Seron turned around and headed toward a different landmark. After several more days and several more monsters, the party arrived at a small house by an underground river. Close by the party found a mill that was producing a blue flour from nearby mushrooms and turning it into a sort of bread.

After camping for a bit, it was noted how many spiders were on the ceiling above the mill and before the party knew it they were engrossed in a battle with tons of giant spiders that resulted in Seron burning the web and essentially sending out a giant flare for everyone to see for miles!

The group then booked it down the river, before eventually crossing. Soon the party located a real road and found themselves walking past ruined houses and spider carvings. One night on the road, the group was even passed up by a massive 2 story scorpion that rushed past the group.

Finally, the party arrived at the map location that turned out to be a temple to the spider queen Lolth Inside the party found a specter containing a powerful mana stone and a device that transfers life from one victim to another host. Unaware of what the device did, Seron ended up give up 3 years of her life to make Danica 3 years younger. The Group ended up being the staff to steal the mana stone and leaving.

Continuing on their way the Seron began to hear the cries for her from a young girl. After much searching, they were able to meet with the girl who was reaching out telepathically. The girl was a Mind Flayer, the same type of monster that killed the entire McE Keep. She explained that she was not a brain eater and because of that her family wanted her dead. She begged the party to help her and get her to the surface before her family found her. They agreed…..



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